16 facts about bees and beeswax

Today is National Honey Bees Day, let's celebrate and learn why bees are so important.

Bees today are an endangered species. You can help our planet by choosing beeswax food wrap. It is long-lasting, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, reusable and compostable. Beeswax products are made of organic cotton infused with natural beeswax, they last for at least a year and when they do finally wear out, you can turn them into rags, then finally compost them.

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Why are bees so important?

  1. There are nearly 20,000 known bee species in the world
  2. A colony of bees consists of 20,000-60,000 honeybees and one queen
  3. Bees are very social creatures and have a complex language
  4. They have personalities and recognize faces of other bees and humans
  5. Workers are all female and gather pollen and nectar from flowers to feed the others
  6. They change brain chemistry to fit their job, and may work themselves to death
  7. They can solve mathematical problems and have clever navigation techniques
  8. A hive will fly 90,000 miles (ca. 144,841 km) to collect 1 kg of honey
  9. Each bee visits 50 to 100 flowers every time she goes out and tells the others
  10. Bees make honey to feed their young especially during winter
  11. Honey is the only food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life
  12. Bees also produce propolis as a medicine against bacteria, viruses and fungi
  13. One third of the food we eat depends on bees, together with 84% of the species cultivated and 78% of wild flowers in the US only
  14. Bees create millions of jobs and pollinate $15 billion worth of crops each year in the US only
  15. Without pollination, the quantity and quality of food available would drop. If they become extinct, Earth has only a few years before plants die as well
  16. Bees today are an endangered species, but they continue to die and governments don't do enough to protect them. Industrial agriculture, pesticides, climate change are their major enemies.

How can you help them?

  • Plant flowers in your garden or balcony
  • Buy and eat organic food and any product from organic agriculture including textiles
  • Sustain local beekeepers, buy Km 0 honey and bee products like reusable beeswax food wrap
  • Beeswax food wraps are made of a cotton cloth infused in organic beeswax with jojoba oil and pine tree resin, organic, biodegradable and sustainable ingredients
  • Plastic wraps are made of nonrenewable fossil fuels and end up in landfills
  • Aluminum wraps are toxic for people and producing them is not good for the environment
  • Store your leftovers in a fresh, natural and non-toxic food wrap, choose beeswax wraps! Shop now 👉

 Say Yes to Life, Earth Thanks! 🌿

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