Annual human production of objects exceeds 30 billion tonnes

Buildings, roads, objects of all kinds: their weight exceeded that of the entire terrestrial biomass, according to a study published on Nature. The total mass of all kinds of products manufactured by man is now greater than the living biomass present on Earth. Scientists have estimated the "anthropogenic mass" present on the planet, that is "the mass of inanimate objects, solid, manufactured by human beings and not yet demolished or put out of service". Against this value, the global biomass has been placed, of which all the living organisms of today are part, be they plants or animals.

Since a century the anthropogenic mass doubles on average every 20 years. Since the '50s of the last century there has been a strong acceleration, which has become dizzying since the beginning of the third millennium. For each living human being, the mass of objects produced is more than its own body weight. Every year, human production exceeds 30 billion tonnes, mainly because of buildings and roads.

How can we bring our activities in the direction of environmental sustainability? Adopt an ecological lifestyle, use renewables, eat local organic vegan food, reduce, reuse, recycle, ditch plastics.

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