Bamboo is one of the Green Building Materials

More resistant than wood, bamboo has quickly earned the name of vegetable steel. Although its use requires special precautions, including special protection from water and insects, it is a very elegant and ductile material, thanks to which it is possible to create a wide range of architectural and design solutions. In addition, bamboo grows very quickly, and within a few years provides new raw material ready for use. This characteristic makes bamboo one of the so-called Green Building Materials, together with hemp, wheat straw, and earth.

It is not only necessary to create new materials or extend and re-evaluate their use, as in the case of bamboo, adapting them to the existing world, shaped in the era of hydrocarbons, cement and plastics, but it will be essential to imagine and implement a new structure, in which synthetic substances, nanocompounds and straw clay can help us change our relationship with other living beings and with the planet itself, to break anachronistic traditions and develop alternative models. 

The analysis of new or unusual materials soon leads to a questioning of some fundamental concepts, such as intelligence, life, mind and human-animal interaction. It is therefore essential, even before we start building, to imagine a world within which it is possible to do it. (source:

What a wonderful world! and how many wonderful possibilities to live in harmony with the planet and all living beings! 

We can all contribute every day with our choices: adopt an eco friendly lifestyle, use renewables, eat organic vegan food, ditch plastics or at least single use plastics, try our reusable natural eco friendly bamboo products,

Say Yes to Life, Earth Thanks! 🌿


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