European New Green Deal

The European Commission introduced a plan to overhaul the bloc's economy to more sustainable, climate-conscious policies and infrastructure, with the goal of being carbon-neutral by 2050. 

"The proposed package is comprehensive, identifying the right areas for action — from biodiversity and nature restoration to climate change and stopping deforestation — and it presents us with a number of new and potentially transformational initiatives", Ester Asin, director of the WWF's European Policy Office, said in a statement. 

"However, by emphasizing continued economic growth as a key objective, the Commission has missed an opportunity to challenge the traditional growth paradigm in favor of an approach that would respect planetary boundaries," Asin added. "Can such 'in the box' thinking achieve the deep systemic change that was promised?"

Greenpeace was similarly skeptical. "The climate targets the Commission is proposing would be too little too late," said Franziska Achterberg, EU spokesperson for Greenpeace. "On protecting nature, much is aspirational and needs to be fleshed out. The detailed measures that will follow must tackle the production and consumption patterns that have brought us to the brink."

(source: EcoWatch)

What do you think, are you 'in the box' or 'out of the box'?

What are you doing 'out of the box' to save our planet?

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