Garden therapy is used in the treatment of pathologies or emotional states

The contact with nature has positive effects on both our body and our mind. Not surprisingly, garden therapy is increasingly used in the treatment of certain pathologies or emotional states, in particular stress, obviously as support to other types of treatments. Caring for plants, putting your hands in the ground, admiring the beauty of life growing, the scent of flowers, etc. These are all simple and inexpensive systems that we have available to make us feel better. 

Therapeutic gardens are increasingly widespread around the world to support different types of patients, those suffering from Alzheimer’s but also depression, autism or Down syndrome. We find gardens of this type, more or less large and structured, in many hospitals, hospices, retirement homes for the elderly and institutions of various kinds.

Gardens offer active and participatory stimuli and distract the patients from their state of suffering and stress, an aid to free the mind and body, to recover a contact with themselves, with others and the world.

The benefits can be of various types: physical, because being in nature improves motor, respiratory and cardiovascular abilities; intellectual, because the care of these spaces allows them to acquire new skills, skills and knowledge; emotional, developing self-esteem and greater self-control over depressive or aggressive states. And finally they can be social, because the garden improves communication between the different subjects present in the therapeutic space.

We can all experience the benefits of contact with nature: even living in the city there is always a park to walk and relax and of course we can all start from our balcony or garden.

Wear our comfortable eco-friendly sneakers for a walk, use our cork mat and lunch boxes for a picnic in the park, try our germination pencils to be planted in your balcony, plant a tree today!

Say Yes to Life, Earth Thanks! 🌿

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