Good news: Mozambique is the 35th African country to join the plastic-free movement!

Africa is moving forward, nothing can stop it from becoming a plastic-free continent!

The Mozambican government just announced that it will ban plastic bags in an effort to reduce harmful practices to public health, infrastructures and the environment. The country will give the private sector one year to prepare before the law is fully implemented. 

Despite the plastic industry and corporations lobbying for an expansion of their polluting plastic, Africa continues to make great strides to reduce plastic pollution. 

Mozambique follows in the footsteps of 34 other countries in Africa that have either passed a law banning plastics and implemented it or have passed a law with the intention of implementation.

The continent is leading the way in the fight against plastic pollution. (source:

As consumers, we can make a significant difference to help the planet. Adopt an eco friendly life style, use renewable energy, public transport, buy local organic vegan food, reduce, reuse, recycle, ditch single use plastics.

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