Honeybee and other insect pollinator populations have fallen

Over the past few years honeybee and other insect pollinator populations have fallen. According to the FAO, 71 out of 100 of the most important crops reproduce thanks to pollination. Over 80% of the crops that feed the human population depend on the free labor honeybees offer us. If the amount of honeybees keeps on decreasing we will no longer be able to enjoy many foods, such as berries, peaches, chestnuts, apples, almonds, as well as courgettes, tomatoes and many other vegetables. Fewer dairy products, such as milk, yogurt, butter and fresh cheese will reach our tables. If honeybees disappear, our food security and future will be in danger. Lands cultivated with organic practices ensure good health to our small, precious insects, which can thus pollinate in a healthy and safe environment.

Everybody can help bees and all pollinators: adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle and mobility, use renewables, eat local organic vegan food, reduce, reuse, recycle, ditch plastic!

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