Improve the quality of mattresses and pillows to get deep, restful sleeps

Improve the quality of mattresses and pillows to get deep, restful sleeps

Have you ever thought that the quality of your sleep also depends on environmental factors?

Here are some green home practices to get deep, restful sleeps: Improve air quality by reducing household fine particulate pollution Encourage better room ventilation with continuous air changes. Paint the walls with ecological paints with low VOC Volatile Organic Compounds content or water-based paints.

Use a clay plaster that produces negative ions. The increase in negative ions improves air quality: the air becomes cleaner and fresher, which promotes increased oxygen flow to the brain.

Improve the quality of mattresses and pillows. Are you under the impression that your mattress weighs more? You're right: studies have shown that over time the weight of a mattress, at least a year old, can increase by 10% and the cause is attributable to dust mites and their droppings that are deposited inside. The ideal for mattresses and pillows is to favor natural materials, which reduce exposure to toxins, and avoid any source of formaldehyde (one of the most common indoor pollutants).

Try our Bamboo and Memory Foam Orthopedic Pillow to relieve the symptoms of back and neck pain, lumbago, including headaches.

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