International Day of Climate Action 24 October 2020

Climate change presents ever-growing threats to people’s health, jobs and safety. The science shows temperatures are in record-breaking territory, greenhouse gas levels are mounting, sea level is rising, and natural disasters are getting much worse.

As the world confronts the pandemic and embarks on recovery, there is growing recognition that the recovery must be a pathway to a green and sustainable economy that produces jobs and prosperity, reduces emissions, and builds resilience. 

The UN recommends 6 positive actions: investing in green jobs, no bail outs for polluting industries, ending fossil-fuel subsidies, taking climate risks into account in all financial and policy decisions, working together, and most importantly, leave no one behind. (source:

Each of us can and must do our part in this vital challenge. Adopt an eco friendly lifestyle, use renewables, eat local organic vegan food, reduce reuse recycle, plant trees, ditch single use plastics. 

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