Much plastic waste comes from the clothes we wear and is dispersed during washing in the washing machine.

Much plastic waste comes from the clothes we wear and is dispersed during washing in the washing machine, poisoning rivers and oceans and ending up in the food chain. The synthetic fibers in which jackets, t-shirts and other garments are made are among the major polluters of our seas. Synthetic fleece jackets release 1.7 grams of micro fibers at each wash. Old garments also release almost twice as much fiber as new ones. After being released into the water during machine washing, microfibers "travel" to local sewage treatment plants and up to 40% of them end up in rivers, lakes and oceans, contaminating the food chain. In fact, synthetic microfibers are large enough to be easily ingested by both fish and other wildlife. And, over time, their toxins accumulate in the organisms of larger animals, that occupy a higher position in the food chain, most likely ending up on the tables and in the bodies of millions of people. If the dispersion of microfibers occurs during washing, even clothes from recycled plastic waste are still polluting, because their components end up in water, and in a form - that of tiny pieces - that makes them even more dangerous than entire plastic bottles. The apparel industry should focus on higher quality fabrics and treated fibers so that particles are not dispersed during washing. It should then intervene at this stage, using products capable of capturing the dispersed micro fibers in the washing machine basket, or installing a special filter in each appliance. 

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