Organic food consumption increased even during coronavirus emergency.

Organic food has definitely come out of the niche: organic purchases have grown even in the period of the coronavirus emergency. A reflection of the desire for a more sustainable world, but also an awareness of how safe organic is for human health and the environment. This is evidence of consumers' increased attention to the health, quality and safety of the products they buy, but also a paradigm shift towards a more satisfactory price-quality ratio.
After the COVID-19 emergency, many consumers who have appreciated organic food could continue to buy it, consolidating the market shares acquired by the organic sector. This market trend has been favoured by the constancy of organic food production even in Covid's time, since, unlike conventional farming, organic farming is not dependent on pesticides and has therefore not suffered from problems related to the lack of supply of these elements. If strict restrictions on the use of synthetic chemical pesticides are applied in organic farming, the most direct consequence is that eating organic food does not lead to the consumption of these substances, which several studies have associated with even serious diseases and disorders. (source:

Organic food is healthy for humans and the environment. How can you think that by poisoning plants and soil you can eat healthy? Only harmony with nature will save us from self-destruction. Therefore we must go on with organic local food, to help more and more farmers produce it and more people consume it, until chemical agriculture will be definitely stopped! We can choose, we can do it.

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