Regenerative agriculture to promote natural carbon capture system

Regenerative agriculture to promote natural carbon capture system

The intensification of photosynthesis, the protection of biodiversity, organic production: these are, according to the Indian activist Vandana Shiva, president of Navdanya International, the ways to follow to combat climate change. Only ecological and cultural regeneration based on biodiversity can build climate resilience for the future; not lab-grown foods, not biofuels, not carbon credits, because these solutions completely ignore nature and its regenerative capacities by attempting to technologically replace the natural processes they destroyed and creating new opportunities for the fossil fuel industry to continue polluting.

Soil is the largest store of carbon after the ocean, yet we can't just treat it as a huge reservoir. Regenerative agriculture has been successfully practiced, proving that the solution to climate change exists. We just need to extend it. To the term "sink" referred to the soil, Vandana Shiva prefers the term "skin": "The soil is living, it is the skin of Mother Nature. And carbon is the molecule of life. This is why healthy soil can be our greatest ally in healing the planet and feeding the world. Vandana Shiva has always supported the practice of regenerative agriculture against an unfair and unsustainable globalized industrial food system that causes world hunger and contributes to climate change: "Every living being has a metabolic regulation system. If we eat junk food, our metabolic system generates disorders like diabetes and obesity. Similarly, I see climate change as a metabolic disorder of the Earth caused by a junk diet based on fossil fuels. Climate engineering is not the solution, CO2 capture is insufficient. Photosynthesis, on the other hand, is nature's sophisticated carbon capture technology that harnesses the sun's energy and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to give us food and oxygen. We need to go back to the land and protect biodiversity to nurture life." (source:

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