Solar Appreciation Day 2021

Worldwide, on the second Friday in March, people celebrate Solar Appreciation Day. There is an emphasis on solar energy’s importance, independence, and sustainability it brings.

There are many benefits of the sun. The sun takes central stage, from warming the seas to stirring up the atmosphere or generating weather patterns, gives energy to plants giving people and animals food. Did you know the sun releases serotonin, a chemical that cheers you up? Apart from making you happy, solar energy is at the center of green energy discussion.

Solar power is praised for providing clean and sustainable energy. It is also reliable, and it lowers the cost of electricity for homes and businesses alike. Fossil fuels result in water pollution from spillage, harmful emissions even before they are burned, and global warming, while solar power is readily available in most parts of the globe and cannot be metered to cause a spike in prices. Benefits can consist of the job opportunities created through this industry, the availability of a sustainable source of power, and low utility bills for home and business owners. 

Nothing says you are pro-solar more than equipping your house with solar energy. You will gain countless benefits from this single action, including tax cuts and rebates, increasing your home’s value, lowering your power bill, and contributing to the green energy movement.

Apart from installing solar panels, you can also invest in buying solar gadgets to make your home eco-friendly. Such devices include outdoor lighting, smartwatches, garden robots or lawnmowers, laptop bags, chargers, and many more. 

Today and every day is a solar day! Enjoy solar power as a gift of Nature!

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