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UN Chief: Gender equality, the ‘unfinished human rights struggle of this century’

UN Chief: Gender equality, the ‘unfinished human rights struggle of this century’

Mother Earth needs to value female energy at all levels: personal and individual for a balanced life, social for a just life, and environmental, because life means harmony between all species and between living beings and nature.

Circular Economy

The circular economy is a simple thing. It means respecting raw materials and what we have around us, giving value to people’s work and the objects we buy. It means applying our brains to using what we have more intelligently. 

What happens to unsold clothing?

The textile industry is responsible for around 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, consuming more energy than air and maritime transportation combined. What matters most is that consumers change their consumption habits.

Women’s Day: Rediscover the true meaning of this anniversary

Many women have become famous for the struggles and social conquests achieved, but we must not forget all the women who, in their complete anonymity, both in the past and today, continue to carry out important missions to protect all humanity and the planet. 

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