News from the Earth — urban regeneration

Air pollution cancels the benefits of outdoor physical exercise

Exercise is good for human health, but air quality typically warns against outdoor activity when particulate matter levels rise above certain levels. At what point do the dangers of air pollution outweigh the benefits of physical activity?

To find that out, researchers at the Seoul National University College of Medicine in South Korea conducted a country-wide study of nearly 1.5 million young adults. The study, published in the European Heart Journal, concluded that strenuous exercise in very polluted air could put young people at...

A decade to restore Nature

Over the course of the next ten years, the EU Commission promises to plant 3 billion trees for 30% of Europe’s territory – and the same proportion of its seas to become protected areas with much stricter regulations on the protection and restoration of forests. 

Springtime: an eco-friendly care for your garden

While recovering global biodiversity may seem like a daunting goal, cutting down your environmental impact and saving native ecosystems can all begin in your own yard! Tips to an eco-friendly care for your garden or flowering terrace or balcony.

How can we restore the primordial link between environment and people?

Urban development has compromised that primordial link that united the environment and people. How is it possible to restore it? 

By a conscious and responsible lifestyle. Every daily gesture directly affects our well-being and our surroundings. 

Returning to nature to restart after the pandemic

We can all strengthen our relationship with nature, even if we live in cities we can find an urban park where we can do physical activity to oxygenate and relax.