The Istanbul Convention 2011 was first signed 10 years ago

The Istanbul Convention 2011 was first signed 10 years ago

The Istanbul Convention 2011 is certainly the first legally binding instrument at international level in the field of preventing and combating gender-based violence. Cedaw is the 1979 United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. The United Nations General Assembly Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women was adopted in 1993.

The Convention obliges the States which have ratified it to standardize their legislation, including where missing all types of gender crime provided for in the Convention and establishes a mechanism to monitor the effective application of its provisions.

The Istanbul Convention was the first to give a gender definition that includes socially constructed roles, behaviours, activities and attributes that a given society deems appropriate for women and men, to break down gender stereotypes, opposing attempts to confine women and men to traditional roles, thereby limiting their personal, educational and professional development and life opportunities in general, justify and maintain patriarchy, the historical power relations of men over women, and the sexist attitudes that prevent the advancement of gender equality, reject the concept of women’s right to live a life free from violence.

The Convention encourages the States parties to apply its provisions to all victims of domestic violence, including men, children and the elderly.

Only a society founded on love, respect and acceptance of individuals, without discrimination of gender and other, is a guarantee of peace and prosperity. Love and respect for people are also a guarantee of love and respect for the environment, for our planet.

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