The Masai Women and the Transcendental Meditation

About 800,000 Masai live in Kenia and Tanzania, 430,000 in Tanzania alone. The Masai represent the indigenous population of the area, are semi-nomadic and are dedicated to sheep farming and cattle breeding and goats. Although the Masai culture is famous for music and dance, these people can hardly maintain their own identity. 

Masai women have always been denied the opportunity to travel and receive an education. These are some of the causes of the high rate of marriages at a very young age, illiteracy and poverty among the female population of Tanzania. Over the past decade, many organisations have launched educational and professional projects aimed at women by providing them with school and work support, knowledge of land rights and business dynamics, and education programmes, for a healthier lifestyle. The Transcendental Meditation Learning Course was certainly one of the most interesting educational programs offered in the country. As of 2014, in Tanzania, about 8,000 Masai, mostly women, have learned to meditate. 

The life of the Masai, especially in rural areas, is subordinated to the life of men. These women do not have their own resources and receive no education. Theirs is a condition of mere subsistence, therefore rather stressful. Masai women, whose spirituality is deeply rooted in the natural world, are very friendly and want to greatly improve the quality of their lives. The practice of meditation has given them immediate benefits in solving health problems of all kinds, from physical pain to insomnia and anxiety. Within six months they had become much more proactive in solving their personal and family problems. The goal for 2021 is to double the number of women who will learn the technique. (

Since the dawn of time, Yoga and meditation have had multiple benefits, on a physical, mental, psychological and relationship level, in society and at work, improving productivity. As a support in the practice of any type of Yoga, but also of other disciplines, try our natural cork Yoga mat.

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