World Nature Conservation Day 28 July 2020

World Nature Conservation Day is observed on July 28 every year to raise awareness about conserving nature. Much of the crises facing the world like global warming, climate change, flooding and drought are the result of lack of conservation efforts and wasteful use of natural resources. Growing population, unbridled industrialisation and extraction of natural resources has caused massive environmental damage and heavy burden on the earth.

Adopt a sustainable lifestyle: reduce dependence on fossil fuels (petrol, diesel), reduce carbon footprints. Use public transport and avoid personal vehicles while commuting. Switch off fans, lights when we don't need them. Use efficient light bulbs to reduce greenhouse gases. 

Purchase only need based items. This is connected to panic buying. Buy items which and when needed. The hoarding of food and other items has led to waste of resources.

Avoid single use plastic. Plastic has become the most important aspect of human life. The single-use plastic not only chokes our drain but also pollute the underground water table and soil. The toxic chemicals released by the plastic also makes water unfit for drinking. Marine life is badly affected by the use of plastic. Turtles, seabirds, whales and other species die after consuming single-use plastic. 

Plant more trees. Trees are the lifeline of human civilisation as sustain our lives in various shapes and forms. Trees give us oxygen and consume CO2 from the atmosphere. Trees are habitats for wildlife. Forests are home to 80% terrestrial biodiversity. The decrease in forest cover also impacts livelihoods of millions of people and threatens a wide variety of animal species. 

Optimise water resources. Water is an essential item of our life. With the sharp decline in groundwater table, several areas across the world have faced acute shortage of water. The over exploitation and waste of water resources have caused a massive impact on human life. All our needs, including agricultural, industrial, household and recreational, require freshwater. We must save it for us and future generations. (source:

Everyone can and must change the world for the better. Think twice when shopping, what impact will you have to your health and environment?

Say Yes to Life, Earth Thanks! 🌿 

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