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World Vegan Day: why are we all destined to no longer eat meat!

Posted by Maria Cristina Chiulli on

The main reason why people of all ages, including so many religious and Christian people, have decided to become vegetarian or vegan, has almost always been the respect for the existence of other living beings and the rejection of violence on defenceless beings such as animals. 

An ethical reason that continues to have its immense validity: 150 billion animals are being killed every year – of which 53 billion chickens and 1,3 of pigs – in the most brutal and hallucinating ways, in the silence of the media.

A more selfish reason, the desire to be healthy, is presently added, since a diet based almost exclusively on vegetable proteins is, according to science, the healthiest available.

The important result is that fewer animals are killed in barbaric ways, fewer people are getting sick from cardiovascular diseases, cancers and other diseases, resulting in human and health costs. Anyway, there are many who have a mixed vision, where the desire to stay healthy joins the idea of not harming animals. 

Today there is a third reason why being vegan becomes more and more something far from an extremist or niche choice: the survival of our ecosystem.

Red meat is unsustainable for four reasons: there is not enough land to raise the animals and above all to produce their food and cereals for us; cattle emit impressive amounts of greenhouse gases, in particular methane, which is very harmful to the environment; the excrement of these billions of animals ends up in water and sea; and not least, meat production requires a quantity of water that we no longer have available, if it is true that only one kilogram of beef needs 15,000 litres of water. This damage affects the whole sector, starting with red meat, pork, then white meat such as turkey or chicken and finally also derived products such as eggs and dairy products.

Today we are facing the road towards an increasingly vegan diet, which is almost traced for everyone. For the protection of animals: you cannot pet a kitten and slaughter a cow; for health; but especially for our very existence.

A vegan, or almost vegan, diet is a real and urgent necessity. In the future some extremely hydrovorous foods will no longer be produced. If the situation deteriorates from the climate point of view, it is even possible for governments to make laws requiring people to eat less meat or not to eat any meat, just as snacks and sugars are taxed today.

It would be desirable, however, not to impose it from above, but simply to decide for oneself to drastically reduce the animal proteins in one’s own dish, to discover that there is nothing to lose in the taste and pleasure of eating. And that is much easier than you imagine. Easy, intelligent, healthy, respectful of the life of others and compatible with the survival of man on earth. 

What else are you waiting to change? (source: Il Fatto Quotidiano)

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Say Yes to Life, earth Thanks! 🌿


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