Vandana Shiva: Poisons in agriculture lead to the extinction of bees and of mankind

Vandana Shiva, President of Navdanya International and Indian activist and environmentalist, talks about the importance of bees. The global collapse in the number of insects is a threat to almost every other species on the planet, as insects serve as a primary source of food for thousands of animal species.

In the last 50 years agrotoxic products have been spread everywhere and are leading bees to extinction. The choices facing humanity are clear, either to work for a poison-free future that will save bees, farmers, our food and humanity, or to continue to use poisons in agriculture, jeopardizing our common future, proceeding blindly towards extinction thanks to the arrogance with which we think we can replace bees with artificial intelligence and robots.

"Robotic bees could pollinate plants in the event of an insect apocalypse," says a recent Guardian title, which reports how Dutch scientists "believe they can create bee-like drone swarms to pollinate plants when the real insects are extinct.
In 15 years a crisis is predicted in which there will not be enough insects in the world to pollinate and most of our vitamins and fruits will be gone. Artificial pollinators can increase the work of bees and ultimately replace them. The system reflects the work of the honey bee, starting with mechanical collection of pollen from flowers and ending with targeted distribution using LIDAR sensors, the same technology used in some auto-guided cars.

But there are no substitutes for ecosystem biodiversity and bee gifts. Every culture, every faith has seen bees as teachers - capable of giving, of creating abundance, of creating the future of plants through pollination, and of contributing to our food security and well-being. Today's generation of seeds is transformed into the next generation only thanks to the gift offered by the pollinators.

The economy of nature is an economy of gift. In every tradition the bee has been exemplified as a teacher of gift. For humans, acting in the manner of bees is a manifestation of compassionate and conscious life. Together as different species and cultures and through poison-free ecological agriculture and nutrition, we can regenerate the biodiversity of our pollinators and restore their sacredness. We have the creative power to stop the sixth mass extinction and climate catastrophe without the need for false technocratic solutions. 

What can you do to save bees? Use renewable energy, walk and use bicycle, use public transportation, buy local organic food, support local farmers and beekeepers buying honey and bees products.

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