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Natural Linen Two Piece Set - High Waist Trousers and Blouse for Women, Sustainable Fall Lounge Set

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Stay comfortable and stylish in our natural linen two-piece set. This set includes high-waist trousers and a matching blouse, both made from soft and breathable linen. It's the perfect choice for a casual and chic fall lounge set and is a great addition to any sustainable linen clothing collection.


  • Natural and eco-friendly
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Breathable
  • High heat conductivity which makes it always feel cool
  • Doesn't generate electricity
  • Another outstanding quality of linen is its ability to absorb excess moisture.

All our items are handmade to order. The time to complete the product depends on order quantity, usually about 7-10 business days, and will be delivered immediately when done.

SIZE: Please choose sizes carefully. XXS Bust: 32”-33”/ 81.5-84 cm Waist: 24”-25”/ 61-63.5 cm Hips: 34”-35”/ 86.5-89 cm SIZE XS Bust: 33”-34”/ 84-86.5 cm Waist: 25”-26”/ 63.5-66 cm Hips: 35”-36”/ 89-91.5 cm SIZE S Bust: 34”-36”/ 86.5-91.5 cm Waist: 26”-28”/ 66-71 cm Hips: 36”-38”/ 91.5-96.5 cm SIZE M Bust: 36”-38”/ 91.5-96.5 cm Waist: 28”-30”/ 71-76.5 cm Hips: 38”-40”/ 96.5-101.5 cm SIZE L Bust: 38”-40”/ 96.5-101.5 cm Waist: 30”-32”/76.5-81.5 cm Hips: 40”-42”/ 101.5-107 cm SIZE XL Bust: 40”-42”/ 101.5-107 cm Waist: 32”-34” / 81.5-86.5 cm Hips: 42”-44” / 107-112 cm SIZE XXL Bust: 42”-45”/ 107-114.5 cm Waist: 34”-37”/ 86.5-94 cm Hips: 44”-47”/ 112-119.5 cm

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