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Stainles Steel Plates With 5 Compartments Set Of 2

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What is this?

🛍 An Indian style Thali set of 2 meal plates to eat your whole meal in one plate.

What can it do for you?

😃 Entire meals can be served using this simple plate.

😃 It has 5 spaces for different servings.

😃 Perfect for appetisers, assortments and sauces.

😃 Various versions of this type of plate have been used in India for centuries because it allows different types of food to be eaten together without them mixing as they would in a normal plate.

😃 It is single-wall insulated.

😃 It is lightweight and fully reusable.

What is included?

📦 Two stainless steel Thali plates, 33cm long.

How do I use it?

👉 Put up to 5 servings in each plate.

👉 The string helps you carry it by hand or attach it to your backpack.

Is it safe for health?

😌 Made of food grade stainless steel, a very common metallic material in cookware, which is safe for health. We only select items that are safe for health and do not release heavy metals.

😌 It is antibacterial and very easy to clean and sterilize.

😌 It does not affect the taste of the food.

😌 The robust shape is very durable and comfortable to use.

😌 It resists up to 870°C.

😌 Please keep away from acid and very salty food.

How does it impact the environment?

🌿 Metal extraction and processing is not good for the environment, but considering reuse and proper disposal it is all in all convenient.

🌿 Check your local garbage policy for disposing of metal.

🌿 See all the ways your purchase is helping the planet 👉

More questions?

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