Acting on the food sector to slow the climate crisis

We must leave to future generations a planet as rich in resources as the one we have received. It is our responsibility, our duty that we must fulfill every day, which is also reflected in food and land use, two sectors that today more than ever are threatening human health and that of the Planet, which in the end are the same thing. It is essential to make conscious choices when deciding what foods to put on the table. Not only in terms of foods and quantities, but also in terms of where the products come from.

The use of land brings a fragmentation of habitats and a loss of biodiversity that tends to increase the possibility of contact with animal species capable of transmitting viruses to which humans are not accustomed. The climate and health emergencies may seem like separate crises, but this is not the case. 

This health emergency could be the engine towards a better change in the use of resources. Collaborating towards sustainability does not mean giving up on our quality of life, on the contrary, it means having an evolutionary, proactive thought, reflecting on our mistakes to improve in the future. (source:

We can all contribute to our own health and that of the Planet.

Adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, use renewables, use your car less and walk more, eat local organic food, ditch single use plastics.

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