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Natural Hemp Sports Bag

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What is this?

🛍 A lightweight sports bag made of natural organic hemp and other eco-friendly materials.

What can it do for me?

😃 Sports or travel bag, very large and comfortable to carry what you want, easy and practical, ideal for those who need a large bag size.

😃 Bring with you all your needs whenever you go out.

What is included?

📦 Your new green sports bag.

📦 Measurements: 46x36x22.5 cm.

How do I use it?

👉 Just open the bag and put things in it.

👉 Carry it by hand or on your shoulder to look cool.

👉 Wash by hand in warm water or in the washing machine up to 30°C with delicate and fast program. Do not squeeze, use only mild and possibly organic detergents, it is recommended to hang for drying.

👉 The more it is used, the softer it gets.

👉 The use of hemp ensures great resistance to tearing.

Is it safe for health?

😌 Industrial hemp can contain a maximum of 0.3% THC, so it is not hallucinogenic or harmful in any way.

😌 The special structure of the hemp fiber ensures maximum breathability and comfort: warm in winter and cool in summer, a soft pleasure to wear all year round.

😌 Hemp is a very soft fabric and pleasant to touch. No risk of irritation.

😌 Hemp is antimicrobial and anti-allergic. It is unassailable by mites, molds, fungi and moths; it is hypoallergenic and also does not conduct electricity so it is not charged with static electricity.

😌 The non-toxicity of the fabrics means that clothes made of organic hemp are highly tolerated even by those who have dermatological problems of allergies or hypersensitivity to chemical treatments to which "conventional" fabrics that we normally use are subjected, or more simply people who suffer from poor transpiration of the skin dressed in synthetic fibers.

😌 They do not contain any chemical or allergenic elements. The colors of the garments are environmentally friendly, in other words heavy metals are not used when fixing the color. This characteristic, together with the absence of pesticides and chemical herbicides in the crops of the fiber plants used, really makes a difference to the health of the skin and, of course, the environment.

😌 Easy machine or hand wash.

How does it impact the environment?

🌿 Our materials: 55% hemp / 45% organic cotton / natural leather / metal.

🌿 With your purchase you are contributing to the preservation of the Planet and the high quality of sustainable fashion.

🌿 By choosing our natural fabric articles, you have opted for non-polluting materials, a real alternative to the usual synthetic fabric bags made from petroleum synthesis. Natural raw materials are hereby used, which at the end of use can be returned back to the ecological cycle, such as hemp and cotton fibers, as well as tanned leather without polluting chemicals.

🌿 Hemp has been used for at least ten thousand years in the textile industry, on ships to make sails and ropes, and also for food, medicines, personal care products, textiles, paper, and even an alternative to plastic, construction materials. Hemp textiles have always been valued for its strength, durability and longevity, also holding its shape, and the more it is used, the softer it gets. It is a fast growing crop, producing 250% more fiber than cotton and 600% more fiber than flax using the same amount of land in warm tropical zones or temperate climates, never exhausting the soil and it is excellent for absorbing air and soil pollution.

🌿 Cotton is already very popular materials in industry, but few people know that they can replace plastic. In reality, they were used before plastics had the upper hand, it is only a matter of rediscovering their countless uses, even in new ways. What makes them so special is their ease of retrieval, which can be more or less sustainable, their softness, versatility and the fact that they are recyclable in many ways and even compostable.

🌿 All the components are compostable, except for the metal zips and eyelets that should be disposed as metal. If you don't have a garden, check your local garbage policy for clothes and leather.

🌿 You can inspire your friends, family and colleagues to stop trashing the world by being a living example or by inviting them to our shop, just grab the referral link clicking the red gift icon 🎁 in the bottom left corner 👇 and you will also get a discount on your next order.

🌿 See all the ways your purchase is helping the planet 👉

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