We are on a mission

We simplify your daily life with low-cost, eco-friendly products to save money and save our wonderful planet by helping you become greener.

Our seas are drowning in plastic, carried by our rivers, filled by our cities and neighborhoods, by people just like you and me. You may think that this is not your problem, or that the solution is out of your reach, but each of us has enormous power: to choose carefully the right action for us and for everyone!

There are so many ways you can help the environment! See how your orders make a difference 👉

We do our best to select products that reduce the use of plastic, mainly through choosing different materials that can substitute plastic for good and that are also reusable. These are our guidelines:

👉 They must be reusable.

👉 They must be recyclable or compostable.

👉 They are made for travelers, to keep your house clean and tidy, or to help you stay healthy.

👉 They help you save money.

👉 They help the environment while producing and/or disposing.

👉 They substitute single use plastic and other polluting materials.

👉 All our products are:

👉 Many of our products are also:

Learn more about our choices and impact 👉

Say no to plastic, say yes to reusable, recyclable and/or compostable objects: they have been used for centuries without causing any damage.

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Meet us

We are a mother and her daughter from Italy. We were professionals committed to beauty in our freelance work, but we were also very angry. Angry of swimming in oceans drowning in plastic, angry of walking in forests full of trash, angry of seeing animals killed and their homes destroyed. We couldn't stop seeing, so we started doing.

We are still angry, but we see a solution, made of responsibility and sustainable living. We can all build it by changing our habits and choosing less impacting products.

Each of us makes choices that, on a large scale, influence the market. If everyone were to choose eco-friendly products, the whole world would be eco-friendly. We would not have pollution of the seas and land, wild deforestation, endangered species, economic slavery. It is not a utopia, but the choice of people like you, who together change the world.

This is our mission and our hope, help us realize it. With your purchases, you will literally plant the seed of change. Let's build a forest together! Say yes to life, Earth Thanks!

Earth Thanks is a branch of Domus Vestae LLC, a Florida incorporated company, EIN: 83-4679278, founded by:

Maria Cristina Chiulli

Maria Beatrice Barberis

Founder, Researcher, Blogger, Social Media Manager

Founder, Web Developer, Content Writer, Designer

Mother, architect, entrepreneur. Founder of the publishing house J. Amba Edizioni, soul explorer and environmental activist.

Photographer, entrepreneur. Creator of videos, photos, graphics and texts to capture the authenticity of inner expression.

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