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Simplify your life and reduce your carbon footprint with our sustainable apparel, home decor, beauty products, office supplies, and much more. Shop now and make a positive impact on the environment, Earth Thanks!

We are a mother and her daughter from Italy, professionals committed to beauty in our freelance work but also very angry about the state of our planet. Our seas are drowning in plastic, our forests are full of trash, and animals are being killed and displaced from their homes. We couldn't just sit idly by and watch, so we started doing something about it.

We believe that there is a solution to this problem, one that involves taking responsibility for our actions and embracing sustainable living. We can all play a part in building this solution by changing our habits and choosing eco-friendly products. Each of us makes choices that, when scaled up, can influence the entire market. If everyone were to choose eco-friendly products, the world would be a much better place - free from pollution, deforestation, and economic slavery.

Our mission is to help build this better world, and we hope that you will join us. With your purchases, you will literally plant the seed of change. Let's build a forest together! Say yes to life, Earth Thanks!

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Earth Thanks is a branch of Domus Vestae LLC, a Florida incorporated company, EIN: 83-4679278, founded in 2019 by:

Maria Cristina Chiulli

Maria Beatrice Barberis

Co-Founder, Researcher, Blogger, Social Media Manager

Co-Founder, Web Developer, Content Writer, Designer

Mother, architect, entrepreneur. Founder of the publishing house J. Amba Edizioni, soul explorer and environmental activist.

Photographer, entrepreneur. Creator of videos, photos, graphics and texts to capture the authenticity of inner expression.

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