Adding just 10 minutes of daily physical activity can improve health in adults over 40

Adding just 10 minutes of daily physical activity can improve health in adults over 40

According to a new research, if adults over 40 added 10 minutes of moderate to vigorous daily physical activity to their normal routines, they would have marked improvements in health and more years to live. An increase of 20 or 30 minutes could lead to saving several lives.

Daily exercise isn't just about the gym; consider how quickly we spend ten minutes on social media without thinking or watching television. So, now use that time to walk outside or on a treadmill. To add an extra 10 minutes of activity, yoga is a great option, with the added benefits of relieving stress.

Another activity you can do at home for a low cost is free-body exercise; without equipment, it's even easier to work out. Simply do 4 rounds of free-body exercises for 3 minutes. The key is to find a sequence of movements to work your entire body; an example, is 10-25 push-ups, alternating with 25 or 40 squats and a minute of jogging in place. A practical, effective and inexpensive alternative is to dance; so, turn on some music and get the dancing started. It only takes three or four songs to reach your goal of 10 extra minutes.

Remember that exercise doesn't have to be strenuous to be effective, just a few movements and a few minutes of even low-impact exercise will improve your health.

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