Alpha Generation cares about the environment and businesses are adapting

Children born between 2010 and 2025 are part of what has been called the Alpha Generation. The Alpha Generation will be the most educated ever and the one most immersed in technology. Not only that, these children, probably influenced by millennials parents and models of Generation Zeta, are characterised by a strong ethics and seem to have a strong environmental consciousness. 

According to a study conducted by interviewing a sample of children, 59 percent of children in Generation Alpha would like to work to save lives, 51 percent want a job where technology makes a difference, while 67 percent say that saving the planet will be at the heart of their careers. When asked what is most important in life, the first places are family, friends, happiness, health and education, while the last places are television, social media and notoriety. These values will guide their buying habits and determine brand loyalty. Indeed, 66 percent of children surveyed said they want to buy from companies that are trying to do good in the world. 

Companies are already at work trying to intercept the expectations of this generation. To do so they must necessarily reduce their environmental impact and be in line with the growing sensitivity, which also concerns social spheres such as inclusiveness, if only for the sake of business.

Sustainability is finally spreading even among large toy companies. Making toys for today's generation of children, with unprecedented environmental awareness, requires a very different approach than about ten years ago.

We hope that the children of Generation Alpha, once grown up and able to effectively exert their influence on the world, will not be chained to the old paradigm of consumption, which changes look but remains faithful to the logic of profit, which has brought the planet where these young people will grow up on the brink of an environmental crisis unprecedented for our species.

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