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Bees are waking up too early!

In this period, the bees should be resting due to the cold, instead the warmer temperatures recorded this winter are upsetting them and the same thing is happening for the vegetation. They begin to "wake up" and leave the hives to look for pollen and nectar, which they obviously cannot find enough, putting the whole hive at risk.

Similarly, there is the risk that the plants will begin to flower ahead of time, exposing themselves to future frosts that can burn buds and flowers, putting future harvests at risk. Thanks to bees and other pollinating insects, nature has provided us with 30% of what we eat, spontaneously, free of charge, for thousands of years. A wonderful and vital natural mechanism that we may have taken too much for granted.

Today, this mechanism risks breaking and the consequences for people, the environment and biodiversity could be devastating. 1/3 of our food depends directly on the pollination work of these little queens of biodiversity: in Europe alone, over 4,000 species of vegetables arrive on our tables. If bees disappeared, the consequences on food production would be incalculable. The life of bees is strongly connected to the health of the planet and of us, who are an integral part of it, and who can determine or suffer its good or bad luck.

It is our responsibility to do everything to protect Nature, also taking care of one of its smallest, extraordinary manifestations: bees.

Let's protect them as we would for what is most dear to us.

Because bees actually are. (Source:

We can support bees in many ways, especially with our daily consumption: we choose organic local food, we support local beekeepers by buying their honey and other bee products. 

Try our beeswax food wraps to store your food, beeswax cosmetic grade wax bar, or if you like to go further, try our domestic beehive!

Say Yes to Life, Earth Thanks!

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