Betting on green is an investment in the future

The current pandemic has taught us the link between pollution and health. Today we are all perfectly aware of the social, environmental, economic and health benefits that the presence of greenery has in our cities. Betting on green is an investment in the future.

Planting trees means protecting the biodiversity of our territories, ensuring the functionality of ecosystems, fighting climate change, improving the health of citizens. In addition, trees absorb CO2, improving air quality, and make a fundamental contribution to actions to combat climate change. The pandemic has taught us that we cannot continue with the old lifestyles that are enemies of the environment: the future cannot be unsustainable, the municipalities and the territories are the real hubs of the post-Covid green revolution. 

Forestation means to modify in a naturalistic sense the landscape of our cities, allowing to have a relationship more oriented towards naturalism; from this need also derive incentives for alternative mobility and energy efficiency of private housing.

We can all make our cities greener: we can plant trees and plants in our balconies, terraces and gardens, or actively participate in reforestation projects where we live or with organizations that plant trees all over the world.

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