Chemical BPA Used to Line Plastic Bottles Is Linked to Premature Death

The chemical bisphenol A, or BPA, which is ubiquitous in plastic bottles, can linings and receipts, has been linked to numerous health issues because it disrupts hormone function. Besides being connected to low birthweight and brain disorders in babies and children, and obesity, heart disease and erectile dysfunction in adults, a new study has linked the chemical to a greater likelihood of premature death. BPA is so common that 90 percent of urine samples from the general population contain trace amounts of the chemical. BPA is prevalent in many kinds of plastics and resins, in sports equipment, medical devices and water pipes, in dental sealants, compact discs, plastic dinnerware, car parts, impact-resistant safety equipment and even toys. Until a decade ago, it was also present in baby bottles, sippy cups and infant formula containers.

People with the highest BPA levels had a 51 percent higher risk of death from any cause, whether from cancer, heart disease or an accident. The realization that BPA is wreaking havoc on our hormones has led to a dramatic decline in how much is used in bottles for consumer use. So, it's possible that people today have less exposure to BPA compared to 2003, when the study launched. However, the chemical is still commonly used in the linings of aluminum cans and beverage containers.

People are also regularly exposed to BPA through thermal paper, which is used to print receipts. Refusing paper receipts is good practice during the pandemic, because hand sanitizers help facilitate the absorption of chemicals into the body. A study found that if you handle these thermal paper receipts and use hand sanitizer, you absorb almost tenfold more bisphenols into your body. (source:

Studies about the toxic effects of chemicals and plastics are being published almost every day since years. We must ditch the use of plastics and switch to an eco friendly lifestyle, to take care of our health and of our beautiful planet.

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