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The Cop27 - the Conference of Parties, that includes all the Countries in the world, just began in Egypt. 

The vision of the President of Egypt is: 

Achieving as much progress as we can across the board on every item under negotiations in a balanced and equitable manner, and based on the rules and principles that govern our collective action to tackle climate change and its impacts. This means delivering a comprehensive, ambitious Mitigation Work Program, achieving and capturing meaningful progress on the Global Goal on Adaptation, addressing the Loss and Damage deficit including through finding a balanced solution to the funding issue, and effectively addressing the climate finance challenge in a manner which creates trust in the process and allays concerns that developing countries will be called upon to contribute to the global effort without commensurate support.

Basing all of our work on the most reliable, credible science available in the form of the IPCC and other relevant reports which have consistently established the need for urgent action to address the existing gaps particularly on mitigation, adaptation and climate finance.

Ensuring that no country or group is left behind through building mutual trust and understanding and stressing the global nature of the climate challenge and hence the need for collective, complementary and collaborative action

Commitment to the rules and principles that govern our collective action to tackle climate change and its impacts and

Emphasizing the need to move from negotiations to implementation through specific, measurable, impactful initiatives to be delivered and implemented on the ground. (source:

Besides the beautiful encouraging words and praiseworthy goals of the hosting President and of the world leaders, this year again, we witness a lot of controversy: the so called green deal”, the green transition is moving backwards to middle age as regards energy sources - western countries are using nuclear power, coal and fossil fuels more than ever, thus nullifying the results obtained so far and the efforts to increase renewable energies, while the green solutions offered often have the dark side of ruining the territories in the poor countries where the raw materials are extracted exploiting child labor, which nobody in the rich countries seem to care. 

War is the tragic reality in many countries, causing death, devastation and deep pollution of entire territories, which is destined to last for many years even after the end of the conflicts, generating millions of refugees and social upheaval, while the life of people is devastated  for generations to come and thrown back to the darkest ages of our history.

The voice of the people and activists are not allowed to participate, while the most polluting countries are not taking part in the conference. 

Many authoritative scientists in many disciplines affirm that the climate changes underway are part of our earth's natural cycle that alternates cold and warm periods, on the basis of data from the last centuries, if not millennia, while the entire solar system is also warming due to the sun’s activity, so the generous contribution of human activities to global warming is but a small part of the problem. The voice of these scientists is not accredited or even opposed.

Plastics pollution has reached new heights: we all ingest plastic for the equivalent of one credit card a week, and no one knows to what extent it will be harmful to our health. 

The conference itself is sponsored by the most polluting companies in the world. 

What can we do as individuals? Of course we can do our part, adopting the green lifestyle that will help our planet and our health: use renewables, public transportation, eat local vegan organic food, remove single use plastic from our life, shop consciously, reduce, reuse, recycle. 

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