Corona Virus emergency

Coronavirus. The world is terrified, the World Health Organisation has decreed a global health emergency. The race against time has already started to develop a vaccine and a kit for rapid diagnosis has been developed to detect the presence of the virus in a maximum of 15 minutes. It comes from Chinese scientists and precisely from Wuxi, in the Jiangsu province, in the east of the country, where a team of the National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention developed it in just 11 days with the collaboration of a high-tech company (the Wuxi Biologics).
According to the Wuxi Science and Technology Office, the kit is easily used and transported and can be a great help to control the epidemic. The first kits are already in use in the province of Hubei, epicentre of the epidemic, the device will be produced on a large scale.

The number of the dead - some hundreds, and of infected people - some thousands, is extremely low if compared with the number of people - 6 millions so far (source WHO) who die every year or suffer from pollution, climate changes, natural and man made disasters, wars, which cause mass migration and displacements, drought, malnutrition, disease, impoverishment of land, destruction of natural resources and animals. Until 2030 it is estimated that every year there will be 250,000 more deaths. Why media and governments fuel fears about the virus while ignoring climate crisis?

Climatic crisis, this should be the real emergency.

What can we the people do to face the emergencies that come our way? We desperately need to go back to nature, even for our little seamlessly insignificant actions, that can have a significant impact on the whole. 

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Say Yes to Life, Earth thanks! 🌿

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