Ecofeminism and inclusive love revolution

Ecofeminism and inclusive love revolution

Ecofeminism is rooted in the awareness that women and nature are subject to the same forces of oppression: the capitalist economic system through the colonization of land and resource extraction on the one hand, and patriarchy on the other, has established a system of domination, exploitation and violation of the land and women's bodies and rights. This current economic model of development not only directly affects the environment, through the deterioration of land and over-exploitation of resources aimed at enrichment and capital gain, but is also responsible for climate change that we are experiencing in recent decades. Industrial growth has led to an unprecedented increase in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, causing a rise in global temperatures and climate transformations that now require imminent adaptation and mitigation actions. The increased attention paid to the issue since the 2015 Paris Accords has awakened awareness of climate effects not only on the environment, but also on communities. 

Thanks to the advocacy work of many movements, ecofeminist thinking has managed to considerably influence some policies at international and European level. However, it remains necessary to continue to fight for the adoption of measures that take into account both the rights of women, their empowerment, their inclusion in decision-making processes, and the defense of the environment and the care of the planet, with a holistic and gender approach. Hence the fundamental role of social and political activism: in many corners of the Earth, ecofeminist movements are taking to the streets, driven by global thinking and local actions, to deconstruct an oppressive and violent model and create a new one, more inclusive, equitable and sustainable. At the head of these initiatives we often find young women who, thanks to their experiences and their vision, become key agents of this change.

Not only women are coming forward to assert their rights and care for the environment, there are also many men who are not afraid of the feminine, not trying to dominate but to understand, love and support women and life itself, each in his role in that spirit of mutual cooperation that only allows a full and satisfying life. Man or woman - or other, join the ecofeminist movement, help our Mother Earth give us Life!

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