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Ethical consumerism

Posted by Maria Cristina Chiulli on

In a perfect world, we would all buy ethical products 100% of the time.

The great thing about ethical consumerism is that the more demand we create for ethically made products from great companies, the more supply there will be. So, shopping sustainably not only supports your values in the short term, but it paves the way for more similar options down the road!

Hopefully, one day, ethical options will be the default rather than the exception. In the meantime, all we can do is what we can do. 

Ethical consumers change their shopping habits because they believe that voting for their values with their money is important, and can influence change.

They want to make sure that all the money they spend is having a positive impact on the world, not just their charitable donations.

For a lot of conscious consumers, their introduction the ethical consumerism actually starts as a boycott of certain companies or brands they know to be harmful.

Voting with your money works.

Child labor rates dropped by one third between 2000 and 2012, and they've continued this downward trend since then.

24% more fashion companies have committed to paying their workers a living wage, and 61% are investing in using sustainable fabrics.

56% of us have stopped buying from brands we consider to be unethical.

Executives are frantically piling into conference rooms to discuss their "corporate social responsibility."

Because that's what attracts conscious consumers, who are a large and growing portion of the general public.

The economic landscape is changing before our very eyes.

Companies are changing and even our culture is changing, all because of conscious consumers who have banded together in their commitment to shop according to their values.

The market will always be beholden to the demands of the consumers. If we, as ethical consumers, consistently demand ethical, sustainably made goods and refuse to settle for less, then that's exactly what we'll get.

(source: Cullen Schwarz, Chief of Good Thoughts)

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