Europe is about to ban plastic packaging

The European Commission is ready to ban plastic packaging and is examining possible legislation to reduce plastic waste and environmental contamination by microplastics. In order to protect the health of the environment, wildlife and, of course, ours, the European Union has decided to ban tableware, cotton buds, balloons and other disposable plastic items from 2021, and now it could also ban plastic packaging, imposing the use of more sustainable solutions.
The European Commission is also looking at other possible regulations to reduce plastic pollution, from plastic waste tax to regulations that may lower the release of microplastics, forcing companies to find alternatives to drastically reduce the potential for releasing polluting particles from cosmetics, tyres and other products.
Microplastics are released from countless products and, like plastics, accumulate in soil and water, damaging ecosystems and exposing people to health risks.

In the meantime, all of us can already do a lot to limit plastic pollution, for example by choosing to buy loose food and non-packaged hygiene products with reduced, recyclable or compostable packaging.
As far as microplastics are concerned, however, we can for example pay attention to cosmetics and clothing by opting for products made from natural raw materials.
These are small gestures, but every small action taken by many people can make a difference. 

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