Food waste: tips for reducing and saving food

Despite the crisis and the reduction in consumption, 17% of the fruit and vegetables purchased, 15% of the fish, 28% of pasta and bread, 29% of eggs, 30% of meat and 32% of dairy products end up in the garbage every year.
Yet we are well aware that global resources are falling dramatically.

According to FAO in 2050 the population will grow to 9 billion within a few years and then agricultural production will need to be increased by at least 60%, yet half of the food that is currently produced in the world ends up in the garbage, although it is largely edible.

First of all we must work on the elimination of waste, starting even before sitting at the table, writing the list of food to buy according to the real needs. The best choice is seasonal food, buying it directly from the producer. Authenticity and lower guaranteed prices especially for fruits and vegetables. Properly reorder your shopping in the fridge: as we know, each shelf has a temperature and is suitable for certain foods. But not everything has to be stored in the refrigerator. Freezing vegetables is especially useful if managing large quantities of vegetables quickly, perhaps from your own garden, or doing the supplies for winter, guaranteeing us some portion of vegetables “summer” even beyond autumn. It's very important to keep the pantry clean so as to avoid insects and pests. It is therefore useful to use rigid containers for storing food such as pasta and flour. Maintenance of fridge and stove is useful to avoid waste of energy and reduce the bills.

It is very important to read the nutrition labels and to pay attention to the deadline, though in some cases the products can be consumed even a few days after the date stamped on the packaging.

Try to regulate the quantities to be brought to the table, so as to avoid unnecessary waste. If something remains after a nice lunch or a rich dinner, we can always eat it the next day or reuse it for new and tasty recipes. If the food is too much and you can’t freeze or recycle, there’s still a solution and goes for sharing with friends and neighbors.

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