Green Christmas: wrap your gifts with newsprint or packaging paper

Green Christmas: wrap your gifts with newsprint or packaging paper

Every year after the holiday season there is a significant increase in waste production with thousands of tons of wrapping paper ending up in the garbage immediately after unwrapping the packages, often without even sorting the paper properly.

There is something very simple we can do to avoid this unnecessary waste production: wrap gifts with recycled paper. The most environmentally conscious people will surely do this for a long time, but there are still many skeptical people who believe they can't get impressive packages by reusing newspapers, boxes and paper bags they already have at home.

Gifts can be wrapped with newspaper sheets: the package can then be closed with a string and decorated with branches and leaves of plants. To prevent the leaves from being ruined, it is better to apply the decoration just before delivering the gift. The bags can be made using a sheet of paper recycled from a newspaper, magazine or packaging: simply fold the sheet and close it with paper tape. Paper used for packaging, if in good condition, can be used for gift wrapping: just apply some decorations to the packages, and you're done.

Say Yes to Life, Earth Thanks! 🌿

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