If you live in the city your skin ages faster

If you live in the city your skin ages faster

A new study has highlighted the consequences of pollution on the skin of people living in large cities. 

Can the climate crisis also cause damage to our epidermis? Air pollution also affects our body's first line of defense: our skin. Cases of atopic dermatitis, itching, psoriasis and acne are on the rise. 

In urban pollution, researchers have identified as many as 224 chemicals that are harmful to skin health. These substances lead to premature skin aging. The dust present in the polluted air of large cities is to blame. They form a film on the skin along with other pollutants, thus preventing the proper oxygenation of the skin and altering its protective film. This is when the aging processes are more rapid. Researchers have identified particles of substances so small that they can be absorbed by the skin. The pollutants with which we come into contact in the city risk becoming part of our organism also through the skin and not only through the air we breathe.

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