International Day of the Tropics 29 June

International Day of the Tropics 29 June

The International Day of the Tropics celebrates the extraordinary diversity of the tropics while highlighting unique challenges and opportunities nations of the Tropics face. 

The Tropics are a region of the Earth, roughly defined as the area between the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn. Although topography and other factors contribute to climatic variation, tropical locations are typically warm and experience little seasonal change in day-to-day temperature. An important feature of the Tropics is the prevalence of rain in the moist inner regions near the equator, and that the seasonality of rainfall increases with the distance from the equator. The tropical region faces several challenges such as climate change, deforestation, logging, urbanization and demographic changes. Biodiversity is greater in the Tropics, however, loss of biodiversity is also greater in the Tropics than in the rest of the world.

Tropical nations have made significant progress but face a variety of challenges that demand focused attention across a range of development indicators and data in order to achieve sustainable development.

By 2050, the region will host most of the world's people and two-thirds of its children. Consistent with the higher levels of poverty, more people experience undernourishment in the Tropics than in the rest of the world. The proportion of the urban population living in slum conditions is higher in the Tropics than in the rest of the World. The Tropics have 54% of the world’s renewable water resources, yet almost half their population is considered vulnerable to water stress. (source:

Wherever you live, our planet is one and the recipe for a life in harmony with it is always the same: adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, respect biodiversity, use renewables and sustainable mobility, eat local organic vegan food, save water and food, reduce, reuse, recycle, don't use plastic!

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