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Laughter Yoga has a global reach

The practice of Laughter Yoga now has a global reach. Laughing is good for our body and mind. Laughter is a natural phenomenon, but not exactly automatic. How is it stimulated? Laughter Yoga focuses on creating groups to facilitate eye contact between participants in a playful and serene atmosphere. Our body would not be able to distinguish between forced laughter and genuine laughter. So, even if at first it may be difficult to laugh almost for no reason, we could still benefit from it.

Laughter Yoga is linked to Pranayama, the ancient breathing techniques that consider the breath as an energy capable of influencing the body, mind and emotions. Breath - or Prana - is the life force of the Universe that flows within us. Laughter has no contraindications and there are now numerous scientific studies that underline its beneficial effects, starting with a simple smile and a positive lifestyle.

According to experts, laughing, even beyond Laughter Yoga, can have beneficial effects that should not be underestimated: it helps relieve anxiety and fear, overcome pain and insomnia, regulate breathing and manage anger. In addition, it prevents and fights stress, promotes emotional balance and immediately improves mood. It helps the body defend itself from disease by stimulating the immune system, increases blood oxygen levels and the release of endorphins. Laughing produces an immediate state of relaxation, as laughter is one of the easiest forms of meditation to practice.

So, we just have to try to get closer to this new style of Yoga, or simply remember to laugh and smile more, for no reason or simply for the little beautiful things of every day.

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