Lebanon: how to turn one of the greatest tragedies into an opportunity.

A group of Lebanese citizens are recycling the glass rubble from the August explosions, so as to give them new life as household objects. To turn one of the greatest tragedies in the memory of the country into an opportunity. This is the philosophy that is leading a group of Lebanese citizens in an upcycling project that starts from the rubble of the violent explosions in Beirut on 4 August and ends in the homes of the population. The destroyed glass converted into jugs, glasses and other objects, a way to revive a piece of destroyed city, but also to send a message to a country where the logic of recycling has always struggled to take root. 

The new creative recycling initiative, upcycling, which has become popular in Lebanon, involves the conversion into household objects of the glass rubble left on the ground by the violent explosions of August 4. The roads near the port turned into debris and rubble deposits and work immediately began to free and dispose of the tons of material. An estimate shows that there is rubble for 5 thousand tons of glass alone. Some of it ended up in northern Lebanon, where some companies are treating it to give it new life. A call is still open today for volunteers who want to help consolidate the initiative. The goal is to treat 250 tons of glass, so new human resources are needed. 

This continuous involvement of civil society is among the strengths of the project. There is not only the desire not to waste an immense amount of material, but also to make the population aware of the culture of recycling, in a country where it does not actually exist. From the worst drama of recent Lebanese history can then come an opportunity for the social and environmental sustainability of the country. (source: lifegate.it)

This is a great example of resilience and creativity, working for the benefit of the whole community. Only by saving resources, reusing and recycling, we can survive our worst mistakes.

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