Men's consumerism creates 16% more carbon emissions than women's!

Men's consumerism creates 16% more carbon emissions than women's!

A new study found that men's consumerism, particularly related to cars and meat-eating, creates 16% more carbon emissions than women's. The study, published on July 19 in the Journal for Industrial Ecology, found that despite the sum of money spent on goods between men and women being similar, men contribute more emissions. 

The study focused on single men and single women in Sweden and found that men spend 70% more on carbon-emitting products than women who spend more on low-emitting items and services like healthcare, furnishings and clothing. 

The way they spend is very stereotypical – women spend more money on home decoration, health and clothes and men spend more money on fuel for cars, eating out, alcohol and tobacco.

The UN has said that the ongoing climate crisis is not a gender-neutral issue. Women tend to be more vulnerable to the effects of climate change and one 2016 report found 80% of people displaced by the climate crisis are women. 

The study found that food and travel were responsible for more than half of all emissions, and for both genders, around one-third of annual emissions occur during the holiday season. The researchers deduced that replacing meat and dairy with plant-based foods, and switching travel from planes or cars to trains cut people's emissions by 40%. (source:

What do you think? The world is one, and we all must act to lower emissions.

Women can use eco-friendly period products and baby diapers, all genders can use eco-friendly beauty products, kitchenware, office and school items, sporting goods, apparels and accessories

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