Our planet is too big to fail: let's start a new low-emission economy!

During the 2008 economic crisis, governments saved the banks. Politicians adopted relief packages that de facto favored the most polluting industries. This time it must be the planet that is ‘too big to fail’. Going back to business-as-usual and keeping a fossil economy alive isn’t an option if we want a liveable planet. It will only serve to aggravate the biodiversity and climate crises that we face. 

The best chance to make sure our planet doesn’t become another victim of COVID-19 is to make sure that our response to it reduces our impact on the climate and paves the way for a green and equitable future. 

 According to the World Economic Institute, investing in the green sector is one of the most effective ways to stimulate economic progress after a recession. In a new low-emission economy, 65 million new jobs could be created over the course of the next ten years. We don’t have the time to repeat the mistakes of the last decade.

Let’s invest in getting fossil fuels out of how we produce our energy. Let’s support the farmers who want to change from meat to plant production. Let’s encourage ecological farming and forestry, low-impact fisheries, and ecosystem conservation and restoration, sustainable mobility, including the creation of job guarantee schemes, and the promotion of cooperatives and community-led planning. Let’s take care of each other and not polluting industries. (source: greenpeace.org)

Each of us can do our part in this transition changing our mentality into ethical consumers: choose renewable energy, walk more and use public transportation instead of private cars, shift to vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, buy local organic food, ditch single use plastic. 

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Say Yes to Life, Earth Thanks! 🌿


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