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Pads or cup?

Posted by Maria Cristina Chiulli on

Can you tell how many pads a woman uses in a year? And in a lifetime?⁠
A woman can use up to 4 disposable pads per day, or 16 per month and 200 in a year! ⁠

Can you tell how much it takes a single pad to decompose? 200 years!⁠
Kgs and kgs of plastic that we produce, which should horrify us if we think of how many we are in the world. Today it is estimated that a woman in her life uses at least 12,000 sanitary napkins. In Western Europe alone, 90 million women consume 24 billion, relentlessly going to feed the mass of undifferentiated (that is, non-recoverable) waste from our ever more irrepressible landfills or even worse from incinerators.⁠

Why a menstrual cup?⁠
The MENSTRUAL CUP is among all the queen of ecology and the best friend of our wallet!⁠

The first cups were born in the Thirties at the same time as disposable sanitary napkins but, "who knows why", they did not have the same success: in order to be able to wear it, one must in fact have a good awareness of one's body.⁠

But now, people, we are in the 21st century, don't be afraid! The cup can be made of hypoallergenic silicone, but also platinum (the silicone used in surgery, so to speak) or in thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).⁠

There are many kinds of menstrual cups in various colors nowadays. They are economic, practical, ecological and highly hygienic.⁠

Shop with us our menstrual cups with sterilizer.
Say yes to life, Earth thanks! 🌿⁠


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