Planet-based diets

The food system must nourish people without damaging our planet – but right now it’s failing on both fronts. Over 835 million are hungry, nearly 2 billion are obese or overweight and we’re losing nature at a catastrophic rate.

Numerous recent studies have shown that a global shift toward healthier, more sustainable diets will combat climate change, improve human health and food security, reduce biodiversity loss, save lives, decrease the risks of future pandemics, and unlock economic benefits. This research has helped establish the global impacts of the current food system; now these global recommendations must be translated into local reality. Dietary patterns and food systems extend beyond environmental and human health impacts to include social, cultural, economic and animal welfare consequences and more. 

Planet-based diets will ensure everyone on the planet has healthy and nutritious food and will help bend the curve on the negative impacts of the food system, moving from one which exploits the planet to one which restores it for nature and people.

Planet-based diets are “win-win” consumption patterns that are high on human health benefits and low on environmental impacts. They comprise healthy and sustainable ingredients produced within planetary boundaries and adaptable to local contexts. These diets discourage over-consumption of any food, to the extent that over-consumption negatively impacts biodiversity, the environment and human health. In particular, a large body of evidence has shown that reducing over-consumption of animal-source foods, by increasing the relative consumption of plant-based foods, confers both environmental and health benefits. (Source:

The simple thumbnail rule is just reduce the food we buy and eat to what we really can, avoiding food waste. Think about food source when we buy it. Prefer local organic food. Store food in safe and clean place in the proper vessels. Shift to vegan or vegetarian diet to reduce and even overcome health and environmental issues.

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