Reuse food containers to reduce plastic pollution

Sadly, it’s almost impossible to avoid plastic when shopping for groceries. Almost everything comes wrapped in it, and most of this packaging is unnecessary.

We can change that. Take the reusable container challenge and join the movement that is already transforming the way we shop for groceries! This could be the new normal!

Bring your own reusable shopping bag, but if your grocery store has a salad bar, prepared food bar, self-serve selection of coffee beans, or another type of station where you or the store staff packages the products, bring your eco box, too. You can use it instead of the plastic bags or boxes the store provides. Avoiding single-use plastics is already more mainstream than you think!

Reusables can be used safely by employing basic hygiene. The best way to solve the plastic pollution crisis is to implement systems that protect the health of both people and the planet, we do not need to choose between the two.

Try our reusable eco-friendly food containers, Say Yes to Life, Earth Thanks! 🌿

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