Stay healthy with Yoga

One of the best practices to stay healthy at all ages, especially during this period of quarantine at home because of the Coronavirus, is Yoga, as witnessed not only by practitioners, but also by numerous scientific studies. 

A constant practice of yoga and, especially yogic breathing (pranayama), are a panacea to combat the symptoms of anxiety and mild depression, as it increases the level of serotonin, while reducing the level of stress hormones. Yoga helps combat osteoporosis, even by practicing only for 12 minutes a day some specific "asanas" (positions). Improved flexibility and posture are among the first and most obvious beneficial effects. It's good for the heart: it lowers the release of adrenaline, a hormone that would cause the heart to beat irregularly. It strengthens balance and stability, reduces the risk of falling, especially for women over 65. A session of 20 minutes a day of Hatha Yoga improves cognitive functions, the ability to concentrate and at the same time increases memory. Yoga stabilizes sugar levels in people with diabetes by fighting type 2 diabetes. It significantly increases lung capacity, the maximum amount of air we can exhale after taking a deep breath. Yoga improves the relationship with one's own body, improving the relationship with others, improves sexual life. Yoga strengthens the immune system: several studies have highlighted the correlation between yoga practice and antibody production. An excellent shield, therefore, against seasonal illnesses (colds, flu), but also against much more serious diseases.

All those who are in quarantine or isolation for Covid-19 during this period can practice Yoga at home. It will be an opportunity to begin a good practice of physical, psychic and mental health that helps to overcome this emergency and will only benefit in the long term.

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