Stop plastic pollution!

From beaches in Southeast Asia to the remote Antarctic, plastic pollution is everywhere, harming animals like turtles and seabirds and impacting human health. Single-use plastic pollution is devastating our rivers, oceans, waterways and communities around the world. Thanks to pressure from more than 7 million people around the world, companies have recently started to admit they are responsible for helping to create the plastic pollution crisis. But despite saying they are taking the crisis seriously, the world’s biggest corporations are focused on the wrong types of “solutions”.

We are increasingly being bombarded with corporate announcements on new packaging for products – things like “100% recyclable packaging”, “made with biodegradable plastic”, and “sustainable paper packaging”. But companies are simply shifting their packaging from conventional plastic to other materials, and the core of the model is the same: use and throw away, in huge quantities, at a global scale. Just because something is “recyclable” does not mean it will be recycled. Biodegradable plastic does not break down like the name might make you think. And shifting to paper packaging will have devastating impacts on the world’s forests.

The simple fact is companies are still creating massive amounts of waste that the planet just can’t digest. And they still have no meaningful plan to reduce their overall production of plastic packaging. This has to stop. 

As plastic pollution keeps increasing, it is urgent that companies take action and move towards business models that do not involve wasting the planet’s resources by turning them into disposable packaging. People all over the world are already finding real and innovative solutions focused on reusing sustainable materials instead of throwaway plastics. It is time for companies to follow and deliver the real solution – reuse and invest in sustainable, reusable ways to deliver their products. (source:

All of us can act, we can choose to reduce our impact, buy loose objects, reusable, really recyclable, ditch plastic. Try our natural reusable eco-friendly products, Say Yes to Life, Earth Thanks! 🌿

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