Sustainability Day 28 October 2020

Sustainability Day was created to remind the community of the importance of caring for the environment and the steps to do so. Currently, on the last Wednesday of every October, schools, companies and organizations have dedicated the day to sustainable living. 

How to get involved:

  • Donate the clothes you haven’t worn in months
  • Donate items you no longer need
  • Start a composting program
  • Ride your bike instead of driving your car
  • Car-pool
  • Take shorter showers
  • Turn off the water when you're brushing your teeth
  • Unplug the devices you aren't using
  • Turn off your lights in vacant rooms
  • Opt-out to junk mail
  • Go paperless
  • Grow your own food
  • Use reusable shopping bags
  • Use a reusable water bottle
  • Clean up any litter you see

🌿 Switching to a reusable coffee mug or thermos will keep 500 cups out of landfill which is equal to 23 pounds in a year!

🌿 A reusable water bottle will save the average person 167 plastic bottles each year!

🌿 Stop using single-use silverware, choose reusable cutlery sets can save hundreds of plastic utensils from reaching landfill each year!

🌿 If you must use a straw, a reusable metal straw is a great alternative, and would replace using 540 plastic straws per year! 

🌿 By shopping with a reusable bag, the average person can save 170 plastic bags each year!

🌿 Reducing single-use items and choosing reusable alternatives will help you save hundreds of pounds in plastic waste each year! 

Say Yes to Life, Earth Thanks! 🌿

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