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During the global lockdown, even the fashion industry has understood that it must change: transparency, traceability and circularity are the keywords to return to new life. In fashion, consumer needs are changing and companies will have to commit to paying more attention to reducing environmental impact and respecting the rights of suppliers in the supply chain and consumers themselves. The big players in the fashion sector are now called upon once again to give an answer, a clear sign that sustainability does not just mean using a little organic cotton, but much more.

The pandemic today puts companies in front of the opportunity to show that giving priority to workers' and consumers' rights is possible, starting, for example, not to cancel orders in the producer countries of large mass market retailers.

A group of 65 civil society organizations, represented by the Fair Trade Advocacy Office, have proposed their 'shadow strategy' as an unofficial, hidden strategy with a series of legislative and non-legislative actions, which can serve the EU to implement new environmental and social protection measures by providing for higher standards within value chains, with an increasingly harmonized strategy at European level.

In order to heal fashion, it is necessary to find together with the institutions the answers to some questions that have become fundamental today.

How to give new certainties to the consumers of the new generations who increasingly ask brands "what's behind the product", protecting them from the risk of green washing - increasingly widespread - that comes from companies that "say" a lot but still "do" too little?
How to manage the problem of overproduction? How to rethink the timing of fashion? In this very important phase, it is even more evident the need to update the regulations on the management of the life of the garment: this seems to be the direction marked by the French government with the anti-waste law issued in February 2020, which - if interpreted by other countries as well - could open a new path towards greater transparency, traceability and circularity of the fashion sector. How to put human capital at the center and how to make the supply chains more resilient also thanks - but not only - to technologies? In short, in order to heal fashion today it is essential to give greater importance to the ambitious multi-actor projects that are questioning how to redirect the sector towards greater transparency, traceability and circularity.

As consumers, we can choose organic textiles and dyeing, of vegetable origin. 

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